Tabitha Swatosh is a multifaceted personality, celebrated across various platforms for her talents and charisma. As a social media star, musician, model, beauty pageant winner, and content creator, her presence resonates with over 14 million fans on her self-titled TikTok account, where she shares an eclectic mix of music clips, green screen performances, and engaging story times.



Before her meteoric rise to social media stardom, Swatosh had already carved a path of success in the realm of beauty pageants. She clinched prestigious titles such as Miss Merry Christmas 2017, Missouri Teen 2018, and Fair Queen 2018, showcasing her poise, charm, and determination from an early age.



Managing her flourishing social media career is, a testament to her strategic approach in navigating the digital landscape. Revealing insights into her entrepreneurial spirit, Swatosh disclosed at VidCon in 2023 that Snapchat emerged as her most lucrative social media platform, boasting an impressive subscriber count of 750,000 on her tabswatosh Snapchat account.



Beyond her professional endeavors, Swatosh cherishes her familial bonds. With her mother Stacie and father Matthew by her side, she finds a source of unwavering support. A snapshot shared on Instagram in May 2017 captured a moment of sibling camaraderie, featuring her younger brother Blake. Additionally, her younger sister Madalyn Swatosh frequently graces her TikTok account, reflecting their close-knit relationship.



In matters of the heart, Swatosh’s romantic journey has been a topic of interest among her followers. Her relationship with boyfriend Matt Ryan, which commenced in 2020, garnered attention from fans captivated by their love story. However, the pair parted ways in 2021, a chapter that unfolded amidst the backdrop of Swatosh’s dynamic life in the limelight.



Navigating the vibrant landscape of social media, Swatosh briefly resided at the Hype House in Los Angeles during early 2022, immersing herself in the collaborative spirit of the influencer collective. However, in July 2022, she bid farewell to the bustling confines of the Hype House, embracing new horizons and opportunities.

Through her captivating content and magnetic personality, Tabitha Swatosh continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark as a trailblazer in the realm of social media, music, and beyond. With each post and performance, she inspires millions, embodying the essence of creativity, resilience, and authenticity.

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